You Can Count On Us To Deliver Exceptional Restoration Work

A rug can only withstand foot traffic, food and drink spills, pet stains, and shedding for so long. At some point, a rug will begin to display signs of wear and tear, and when this happens it’s best to get help from rug restoration experts immediately.
Our team has been specializing in rug restoration for years, and this is why we’re now trusted and preferred in the area. We also deliver effective area rug cleaning, and our area rug cleaning service will ensure your rugs are not only secure but sanitary as well. We have the tools, materials, machines, and know-how necessary to execute any kind of rug restoration job, and we get your rugs back to you before you begin to miss them.
No rug is too old or complex for restoration, and we’ve even repaired rugs that are hundreds of years old. While we’re often asked to do rug reweaving, rug recoloring, rug binding, and rug fringing, we provide so many more useful rug restoration services. To know more about these common rug restoration services, read on.


We Provide Rug Recoloring For You

To get exceptional area rug recoloring, get in touch with our experts. They have been delivering this work for years, and they are always meticulous and detailed. You can have peace of mind when you get recoloring done by us, as our experts will handle your rugs with care throughout the entire recoloring process. When you get them back from us, you will notice that they look as good as they did when you first purchased them. If fading is beginning to diminish the quality of your area rug, give us a call.

Our Expert Rug Reweaving

We provide area rug reweaving for an affordable price. When a rug begins to unravel, this is an unfortunate situation. It must be addressed immediately, as the longer a rug is left to unravel, the harder it'll be to get the rug back in an acceptable condition. We usually perform reweaving once or twice a year for rug owners, and more frequent reweaving is needed by those who own hand-woven rugs. Reweaving can also help you if your rug has been damaged by moths.

How Area Rug Binding Works

Get rug binding from us. You won't regret doing so. This is a common restoration service that'll save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. A rug can be bound with either binding tape or a special sewing machine. After binding, your rug will be secure for many years. This service can be delivered quickly and for an affordable price.

Why Area Rug Owners Get Fringing From Us

To get rug fringing, hire us. This is an important rug restoration service, and it's one that our experts have been delivering for years. The rug’s fringe is it’s most important component. After our rug fringing serfice your carpet will last for years to come.